This Alzheimer’s Living Will addresses unique issues dealing with Quality of Life versus Prolonging Life. Quite often, these issues are not encountered until the late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Both a standard living will and this Alzheimer’s Disease Living Will are considered Advance Directives to those entrusted with your future health care decisions.
No. Either your standard living will or this Alzheimer’s Disease Living Will should be considered to stand on its own merit. This Alzheimer’s Disease Living Will can be an additional advance directive to compliment your existing living will.
This Alzheimer’s Disease Living Will begins with the following statement: “Addendum To Living Will (If Any) Dated __________/_________/__________”. You fill in the date of your existing living will as a reference.
No. This Alzheimer’s Disease Living Will is an advance directive on its own. In the event you are stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease and determined to be in Stage 6 or 7 (per an internationally accepted dementia assessment scale), this Alzheimer’s Disease Living Will becomes the basis for health care decisions made by your Primary Care Physician, Health Care Surrogate and/or Durable Power of Attorney.
Yes. As this Living Will is specific to Alzheimer’s Disease, it is strongly recommended that you have a “standard living will” relating to “non Alzheimer’s Disease” end of life health care.
You may want to discuss this with your doctor or attorney. However, the fact that you have been diagnosed does not remove your competence. Legal decisions can be made in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Call your attorney for State Specific information or have your signature notarized to be safe.